Dr Lingjia Tang, Clinc’s CTO and co-founder, is a computer science professor at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and has a PhD in computer science from the University of Virginia. In Elevating conversational AI pending numerous publications, Tang leads the charge and has received several awards for her work. Tang also held employment with Microsoft and Google.

The co-founder and chief customer officer ( CCO ), Dr Johann Hauswald, attended the University of Michigan, and he has obtained his PhD in computer science and engineering.

Hauswald is a prominent figure in the AI field and created Sirius, now known as Lucida, which is an open-source artificial intelligence personal assistant he built from the ground up.

Clinc’s CFO, Ray Hale, has 20 years of experience scaling developing technology companies and making them successful. De. Yunqi Zhang is the Chief information officer of clinc who devised, developed, deployed large scale software systems in execution with Facebook and Mircrosoft. He got his major on Masters in computer science in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan.

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New leadership infuses life into the AI starter.

Jon Newhard was appointed in Clinc aa the new company’s chief executive office very recently and is exciting news. Newhard has 25 years of leadership experience in the information technology sector, running enterprise software business principally and private equity and VC environments.

Clinc and Ann Arbor, Michigan

The headquarters of Clinc is in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and the company’s officials have called it home since its inception. The top schools in the US include the University of Michigan for computer engineering. The location is excellent for successful technology start-ups. Clinc also has a satellite office in the Guanghua Ocean International Center Tower in Beijing.

Companies Already Actively using Clinc Technology (Selected)

  1. US Bank
  2. Isbank of Turkey
  3. Visa
  4. Wells Fargo
  5. UMCU
  7. Ford