The Service Industry has been badly affected by the Covid19 Pandemic, and has been brought to its knees, not just in Australia, but all over the world. The widespread clamping down of Lockdown over all centers of population has severely curtailed the business of sales and servicing of existing hot and cold installations. But certain leading companies that specialize in such equipment have decided to fight back. The foremost of these companies in Australia is Russell’s. While their sale figures may have dropped, their loyal staff has come forward to maintain at a least a skeleton emergency service to the Customer. And not only that. As Australian Authorities, particularly in Victoria (where Russell’s is headquartered), have gradually regained control over the situation, and have now imposed Stage 4 Lockdown regulations, Russell’s have restored their Customer interaction to a large extent. Taking every precaution advised by Medical Authorities, and equipped with the latest Covid19 safeguards, Russell’s Heating and Cooling is back on the road.

Heating And Cooling At Russell’s

The New Procedure

While the Site Inspections have been mostly stopped, their alternative has been found. This involves the Customer directly. The Customer requesting a Quote has to fill in a detailed questionnaire from Russell’s Website. Some queries have to do with the suitability of the location, and have the Customers taking video capture of the site. Actual measurements have to be taken onsite, and availability of facilities like electrical power and water supply registered. The company then produces 3D walk-through virtual models to assist their engineering staff to design and install the system in its entirety. Finally the Team arrives at the Customer’s location, fully equipped with even the last nail required, tooled to tackle every situation, fully skilled, and dressed in Covid19 gear.

The Brands

The Customer has a wide choice of equipment available from Russell’s, and these are all displayed on Russell’s website. The most salient Brands are :

 Panasonic.
 Brivis.
 Bosch.
 Bonaire.
 AquaMax.
 Apricus.
 Alpine.
 Fujitsu.
 Braemar.
 Bromic.
 Other Lesser Known Brands.

The Categories

The Main categories of Sales and Service offered by Russell’s are:

  • Heating: The Heating Devices covered by Russell’s are:
  • Room Heating.
  • Ducted Heating.
  • Outdoor Heating.
  • Cooling: The Cooling Systems on offer are mainly the two below (Window AC’s are almost obsolete):
  • Split Systems Cooling.
  • Ducted Evaporative Cooling.
  • Hot Water: The two major forms of Hot Water Supply in Australia are both to be found here (Geezers are out):

• Instantaneous.
• Solar.

Last Word

Russell’s Heating and Cooling is so confident of the quality of their products that a massive 6 Year Installation Warranty is given with each sale.