A device used to calculate the water quantity in commercial as well as residential buildings is called a water flow meter. The public water supply system is a source used to provide water in houses and offices. For measuring the rate of flow of the water supply system or water sources, water meters are used. Those meters can measure the rate of flow of slurries or liquids in a closed pipe also. The rate of flow of water is measured in cubic meters or liters. The water flow meter is a kind of device that measures the water amount flowing into a pipe. The amount of water to be used, economic conditions, and keeping situations affects the technology of creating different water flow meters. All the variant water flow meters are built on a novel principle, whole used value, and exclusive use benefits. They can be able to measure hot water, cold water, dirty water, clean water, slurries, and other liquids. The two similar processes that are applied in the measurement of water flow are:

  1. Velocity flow meters and
  2. Displacement flow meters.

water flow meter

They both have advantages of multiple technologies. As we know, water flow meters are used to measure the water quantity flow through the pipes, there are various technologies are applied in different meters. A customer chooses the meter depending on their application, maintenance, and budget. Every water flow meter is developed on a unique principle. Generally, people get confused about buying water flow meters. In the market, four basic types of water flow meters are found. Those are:

  1. Mechanical Flow meters: The common and primary kind of water flow meter is the mechanical flow meter. They are economically good and can measure the flow by turbine circulation with a propeller, shunt, and paddle wheel design. The water’s volumetric rate of flow is proportional to the blade’s speed rotating in a circular motion.
  2. Vortex flow meter: The shed of the sensor is used to measure the rate of water flow on the vortex flow meter. Vortices are the strength of nature. A vortex flow meter has a sensor tab flex.
  3. Ultrasonic flow meter: For measuring the speed of water speed into a pipe ultrasonic water flow uses ultrasound technology. Ultrasonic signals are transmitted parallel to the liquid flow downstream and other signals transmitted on the liquid flow upstream.
  4. Magnetic Flow meter: A magnetic field technology is used to measure the liquid rate of flow of water.

Conclusion: Water flow meters are used to calculate the flow rate of liquid in a closed pipe. It has four variants in which people can get the best variant after considering their requirements and budget.