The unity of different countries all over the world is what we need. We know that each state across the globe has its own culture, tradition, and religions. Each country has its own story of failure and success. There is no perfect country today, but countries who are trying their best to provide everything to the people. It is why unity among nations is what we need today.

We know that the world is facing more and more challenges every day. Also, many battles are happening already in different parts of the world. There are too many negativities around us that have resulted in many negative things that happened previously. Nowadays, there are many common problems that are happening in some countries around the globe, and some of these are:

  • Poverty

– One of the most common issues we can witness in some countries. It means there are lots of families who cannot even eat three times a day. Also, families who cannot afford to buy their needs like clothes, shelter, and food were struggling for them.

  • Climate Change

– It is sad to know that many people are not taking this seriously. It is why we are very complacent about how we take care of our surroundings. Because of this, we tend to forget how to properly take care of our great nature that has given to us.

Hamed Wardak

  • War

– The differences of beliefs among the countrymen of a nation lead to the misunderstanding that causes for war among the people. The lives of people are the sacrifices for what they are fighting for, wherein violence and crime are both presents.

These are just some of the common problems that every country is facing. These things are sometimes inevitable because we cannot control all things. But we can make a difference if we want for our country and people, like Hamed Wardak. He is one of the founders of the Campaign for US-Afghanistan Partnership. We know that the United States of America is a powerful country.

One of the people who believed that Afghanistan would be able to develop and achieve sustainable life is the man who came from Afghanistan named Hamed Wardak. This shows that what our country needs is unity among its people. The solidarity that a country has can lead to its better future. It will create opportunities and improve the lives of the people and the nation.