Preparing to Take the Police Advice

As our entire time, armed forces are stretched to capacity and possibly beyond; the new national Guard’ could be deployed along with or instead of our full-time troops (much as the Americans do), depending on the circumstance. They may also be deployed to help emergency services in disaster situations here in the, in addition to being used to support the newest National Police Association where a large workforce is required.

As for the permanent Staff’ required for such an operation, I think we already have them in place. From conversations I’ve had, many servicemen and women leaving are doing so due to the unrelenting pressure of overseas tours and no home, family and societal life. Many would be delighted to continue if they might have a posting in a mostly national military environment, passing on their skills and comprehension.

National Police Association

What’s Involved in Police Officer Training?

The property infrastructure needed should not be a substantial problem as there are still several unused and component used military bases, which could be easily refurbished (thus providing much-needed function for the building industry), carrying many building workers off the list of jobless. They would then be paying tax and NI to the State rather than drawing advantages or turning to crime or the black economy.

We might also make it a requirement that people are wanting to make their permanent home (of all walks of life and all races and creeds), sign and accept that they or their children might need to perform their 2/3 yrs National Police Association as a portion of the advantage of residing in and a dedication to our society.

  • Reduced prices in housing and unemployment benefits paid,
  • Reduced variety of individuals sent to prison (Each young person we figure out how to prevent sending to prison will save #40,000 annually).
  • Reduced prices in dealing with the consequences of crime and the offenders (NHS, Ambulance Service, National Police Association, Courts, Criminal Injuries claims, etc.),
  • A Decrease in Affordable and Social Housing needs,
  • A reduction in the number of civil servants needed to conduct the many different benefits.