National Police Association, a non-profit organization it is founded for the education of the supporters of law enforcement and help the department of police for achieving and accomplishing their goals and is supported through the organizations as well as individuals. There are many law enforcement officers who have been assaulted while on duty in the vast number of  attacks this is when they need support and this is possible through NPA.

Brain health by Dr. Daniel Amen

Law enforcement officers need support and it’s time to start helping. Each and every year there are many police officers and law enforcement officials who required support and seek help. Here there is complete coverage and functionality to enhance the assistance to the law.

According to Doctor Daniel Amen, there are studies regarding the health of the brain which is reported on the NPA website. The studies conclude that there is a very much crucial part in maintaining of the health of the brain and there are several books regarding the best ways to take care of the brain so that there will be the best physical as well as the mental health possible to be enjoyed.

Officers of the National Police Association

According to his books, there are important points to be noted regarding the choice of living as a police officer with the profession and the stress occurs in the human brain in particular and this is the reason where each and everyone in the police community reaches the brain health in all the police officers.

This nonprofit law enforcement organization’s Office takes part in particular cases where violence has been confided against an official or the officer or the place where these officers have been hindered from conducting their responsibilities. In case if there is any agency that is seeking any kind of help or assistance with the reward offer, they can contact the team of the NPA.


There are live and online sessions of this national police Association on various reports on Sundays which can be viewed at 10:00 AM on and also on YouTube. There is support from the NPA to the state as well as the local agencies of law enforcement and the local enforcement officers of the law are authorized for the performance of federal immigration functions of the law enforcement.