There are some sites which offer the people a platform to trade bitcoins and see that they are also giving free bitcoin to the people. These are going to be very beneficial for the people and the following are some insights:

giving free bitcoin

Internal charges and fees:

These site charges a very modest and simple fee of the seller’s transactions. On deposit, the exchange medium does not charge even a single penny except for the bank fee applications and moreover there are no fee charges for any withdrawals taking place. The transaction process is carried out within a very short period of time and these are very quick for that matter. Deposits and withdrawals are allowed only through certain kinds of medium and the people should see that they are keeping this in mind while going for deposits. Some of the sites has a rule that wire transfers and other payment options are not to be entertained and this should be looked into.

Customer’s take over the exchange site:

According to sources, the customer using these as a medium of exchange for bitcoins are very much satisfied with it. They reported of smooth transactions, great experiences and uttermost care attendance by the contact and support team. Though a small lot of customers faced some hardships when it came to delivery, deposit of bitcoins, a majority of the users appreciate these kinds of sites for its high speed facilities and also the ease of access that  the online site provides. The contact and support team can be reached during business hours and most of the sites have a good support system. They respond incredibly fast within two hours of complaint and offer support through E-mails and tickets. As a overall view, these sites has gained the hearts of most of its customers.