Good leaders find a perfect balance between the business foresight, character, and performance. They have courage, honesty, integrity, focus and humility along with an ability to plan things strategically & catalyze cooperation amongst everyone in their team. There were many amazing leadership qualities observed throughout our history.

Some got adopted by the bad leaders whereas some were exhibited by the good leaders and one such great leader is Alexei Orlov. Fortunately, we must put history on one side and take the teachings from others and develop the strong and admirable leadership strengths from him.


The innovative leader isn’t a creative genius that has thought-provoking strategy but offer others the complete freedom of developing their own ideas. You can find people that have great ideas and lack the determination, fear and will to take actions. However, innovative leaders aren’t one of them but they are different.

Important Leadership Qualities

The innovative people are open to new discussions and ideas. They want listen to everybody actively and motivate his team to think different. Such quality makes them different over others as they are hunting for innovations and creativity.

Decision-making Skill

A great leader is decisive & knows how they can help his organization, stakeholders, employees, and customers. You can never envision leader who is uncertain and unclear about his ideas. Good leaders are totally aware of a fact how their decisions will make and break the businesses. They will try to evaluate the given circumstance several times before they come to any conclusion. Besides they will collect essential information needed before they make any announcements. They don’t believe rumors but check the situation or problem themselves before you make the decision.


Another important attribute of a great leader is courage and to have courage means you’re keen to take risks to achieve of your targets and goals without any assurance of success. Because there’s not any certainty in business or life, each commitment that you make and action you take involves some kind of risk.