If you feel that your business has an impulse, you have an impulse. This is what you tell your team. This is what you communicate with your suppliers. It starts with the feeling you have about your business as a leader.

Often the breakthrough you need begins with thinking about your big picture. If you are trying to understand why you do not have an impulse, you should look back at your Great Picture. Remember why you started a business in the first place. Review the ultimate goal that you and your team are striving for. If you have not spent time refining your big picture, this is your real problem.

Even if the trigger for your advancement is more technical, it may not require a complete overhaul of the process. For example, if you need an influx of customers, your next step may not require a review of the sales process. Sometimes a new outlook on your market may change the name of your next product. Perhaps the change of name is only a catalyst for increasing sales. Sometimes, promotion consists in simply adjusting mental focus.


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As a company, we understand that momentum is a feeling, not a number. You cannot calculate the momentum in your business. The question is how you feel about your business. So, if we can go where you feel locked, then removing the block will open the gateways for the impulse. Mr. Ryan Brucato understands that a change in focus can free the next big customer, the next top employee, or the next big niche that you should focus on. As a company, we treat it as a business that is able to grow, and not as a business that has lost momentum.

Thus, we are looking for what you currently have and on which you can build. We are not interested in criticizing you for what you have not done yet, and we will not allow you to do this for ourselves. We understand that being an optimist can be a little tricky from time to time.

Warning: even if we are so optimistic about your business, if you are not optimistic, it will not matter. We will not try to convince you that you should be optimistic. We will challenge you to be optimistic. In this choice, you decide whether to look for your business. We cannot ask for help to force you to make one or the other decision. It is a choice that you must make from within. Whichever option you choose, this is the one we support. In any case, good luck finding a new boost!