Artificial intelligence is basically both an art as well as a science. Some of the companies like Clinc AI are taking the human art of conversation and also marrying that art along with the detailed science which comes along with creating some real technological solutions in order to create machines that seem to function as if there was a real human presence in the room. In the coming future, this type of AI technology will make it possible to complete a wide range of tasks automatically which ordinarily would have needed some human input.

The support of the customer is one of the areas in which AI has the potential to improve as well as Clinc is a pioneer in the industry which implements disruptive conversational AI technology in order to make customer support easier for their business as well as better for the human.

Clinc, the leading conversational AI platform

This kind of AI platform helps to reduce customer support costs while improving the customer experience as well. various companies have implemented AI-based virtual assistants but these kinds of initiatives often lead to frustration as many of these kinds of systems have a limited number of capabilities.

conventional AI

The main problem is that most virtual assistance platforms usually lack the technology of understanding a user’s question, provide a relevant answer, and also enable users to take some actions without the involvement of a human operator.

Unlike most of the platforms, this type of AI platform is based on some complex technology which was developed over a period of almost a decade by a team of researchers who are from the University of Michigan computer science world. The conversational AI technology that is being used enables the platform in order to competently address and also to resolve customer concerns. Therefore, consequently different kinds of businesses are able to widen the reach of their support staff in order to increase engagement without any driving up support costs. More engagement usually creates more opportunities so that to cross-sell additional products.

Also, customer retention can easily be dramatically improved as the personalized assistance which the platform provides makes all customers feel as if each and every concern is being adequately addressed as well as without playing the customer service waiting game. this company’s offering has about the highest contact resolution rate in the market.