Have you been busted with the dark smoke of a car engine while driving your expensive car on the road? The only thing that comes in your mind is, did the car owner knows that his/her car is like a chimney? But, you did not notice that the engine of your car is also like a chimney now. Well, it is a proof that you also fail to go to the scheduled car service maintenance of your vehicle. Be reminded that car service necessities will serve as the vitamins of your vehicle.

The starters car service

Mechanic Marrickville offers a starters car service – the basic service. The basic service is designed for the high-mileage drivers that cover more than a year or 20, 000 miles. Basic car service or the starters service includes the following:

  • Oil change
  • Oil filter change
  • Car inspection of main components (tires, lights, and windscreen wipers)
  • Moving parts lubrication
  • Brake and other fluids
  • Top-up of the engine
  • Any fluid leaks

Why is car service necessary?

Unlike with the required MOT test, a car service may not be a requirement. However, if you wish that your car is always in its good condition, take the necessary servicing. Regular car servicing provides several benefits, such as the following:


  • More stable. It provides regular checks to worn parts replacement and key components to eliminate and detect any faults that may happen to occur.
  • A higher value of the resale price. If you plan to sell the car with full-service history, it can be more attractive to potential buyers. So, it tends to hold better value.
  • Enhanced braking. Calipers, brake pads, and discs are inspected within the yearly service. It makes sure that the overall performance of these parts is at the optimum level.
  • Smooth engine. Changing the car oil filter and engine oil and annually lubricates moving parts more efficiently and helps level up fuel efficiency.

All the car servicing assures your car to be in good condition when followed. Now, if you bring the car in different garages, it will be like passing a kind of service to the other. So, better to stick in one car service provider. In this way, you are sure that you are getting and paying the right service. Now, you will have a smooth, safe, and sound driving performance without worrying to get stuck up in the middle of the road. No accidents – only safe driving!