Game: WWE Raw 2

Platform: XBox

WWE Raw 2 Cheats

Unlock Bonus Costumes

To unlock bonus costumes, steal from other wrestlers. Steal twice to get two bonus costumes.

Unlock Ken Shamrock

Complete seven seasons in Season Mode to unlock Ken Shamrock.

Unlock Mick Foley

Complete five seasons in Season Mode to unlock Mick.

Unlock Titantron Movies

To unlock the Titantron movie for a wrestler, steal from him/her three times.

Super F-5

To do the super F-5 you must be Brock Lesnar, then when you get your finisher irish whip your oppenent into the corner and Press A+X.

Fat Win in SEASON Mode

All You have to do is get beating down by your opponent for about 2 Minutes, after that, Press Start and choose Back to MENU, It should say that your the winner.

Surprise Wrestler

Press at MENU holding down the L button and then press B, B, Y, X, X, Y, Y, A.

How to get weapons into the ring

Beginners to this game may have trouble with this at first. I sure did. All you have to do is pick up the weapon, walk over to side of the ring aim towards the ring and press the white button at the same time. They don’t tell you this in the instruction booklet.

Performing a 619 with Rey Mysterio

To perform a 619 you first get close to the ropes then punch your opponent until they are leaning against the ropes and then grapple and press X+A. You must have a special.

How to steal things

Go to that person that you want to steal somethin from and got to his/her locker room and steal.

Easy way to finish season

Whenever you have a match you should ”rest” before your match. When you are in your match and realize that you’re losing then just fight him outside of the ring and let the referee count and when it has reached about 9 seconds run back in the ring and the opponet should get counted out and you will receive a win. do this thought the season. (note: you must pin or make him submit to win the title and become king of the ring )

Easy win in Hell in a Cell

If playing in the hell in the cell and the option KO is on, it’s possible to get a guick win . clinb the cell and do a move to your opponent from the side of the cell (ex. Clokeslam) off the cell, Etc. Your opponent will be out cold and you will win.

More Hidden Weapons

Go to the bottom of the ring when your outside of the ring and you go up to the ring and Press ” White” Button and eventually your character will go grab a weapon fom under the ring. You can grab as many weapons as you want.

Easy To Steal

When in season mode and you want to steal something from on of the wrestlers, make sure that the wrestler you steal from is not a friend or a tag-team partner. it’s easier to steal from your enemies. (WARNING: this does not always work. it works 85% of time)

Another easy win in SEASON mode

First, choose a wrestler that has some submission moves:(kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Ect.) Then when you go into a match, it it should take about three or four times to make your opponent Tap. this is very easy to do.

Brock Lesnar: Shooting Star Press

Once you have your Voltage meter up, Irish Whip your opponent into the turnbuckle. Make sure he is facing you when he is stuck on the turnbuckle corner. Grapple him and Press X + A to do Brock Lesnar’s Shooting Star Press.

Alternate costumes

Every superstar has two appearances. The first one being ring attire and the second being backstage attire. If you create a superstar and are planning to put them in a season, you might want to create a second appearance (for example, something casual or formal). Otherwise your superstar will be running around backstage as the generic create a superstar character (even when your superstar is female).

Changing costumes

A lot of wrestlers have alternate costumes in the create a superstar section. For example, Big Poppa Pump’s patriotic tights, HHH’S jean jacket, etc. To change these costumes, go to create a superstar and select the desired superstar to change. Go to their appearance. Then, select costume and go through all the types and textures. Select the one you want. You also can change the color.

Chris Jericho: Real pyro timing

Go to Create a Superstar, select Chris Jericho, then go to “Entrance”. Set the Pyro1 start time to 12.0 seconds. By doing this, the pyro matches with the music, which is ending the countdown transforming noise.

D-Von Dudley: Real pyro timing

Go To Create a Superstar, select D-Von, then go to “Entrance”. Set the Pyro1 start time to 0.1 seconds.

Goldberg: Spear

Once you have your Voltage meter up, punch your opponent near the ropes. When their hands are trapped in the ropes, grapple them and press X + A. Goldberg will Irish Whip them to the other ropes and Spear them.

Goldberg: Real pyro timing

Go into Goldberg’s entrance menu and change the timing of the Pyro2 to 25.0 seconds and it should look like the real thing.

Go to Create A Superstar, select Goldberg, then go to “Entrance”. Set the Pyro1 start time to 14.3 seconds. Set the Pyro2 start time to 25.8 seconds. By doing this, when he is standing on the ramp then starts to move his shoulders, the first Pyro goes off. The second one goes off when he starts punching.

Kane: Real pyro timing

Go to Create a Superstar, select Kane, then go to “Entrance”. Set the Pyro1 start time At 0.1 seconds. Set the Pyro2 start time to 45.6 seconds. By doing this, Pyro1 starts as soon as the music starts, and Pyro2 starts as soon as Kane’s hands fall down.

John Cena: F-U Finishing move

Go to Create A Superstar and select John Cena. Go to “Moves”, then “Grappling”. Go to the move labled “X + A” and change it to the “Death Valley Driver”, which is in page 13 of the moves list.

Rey Mysterio: Real mask

Go to Create A Superstar and select “Create”. Select Rey Mysterio, then go to “Appearance 1”. Select “Mask”, and go to “Misc”. Select “15”. You can change the color if desired. Then, select “Accessories” (still under “Mask”) and choose “4”. You now have Rey Mysterio’s real mask. You can also change it in “Appearance 2”.

Rob Van Dam: Real pyro timing

Go to Create a Superstar, select Rob Van Dam, then go to “Entrance”. Set the Pyro1 start time to 6.0 seconds. By doing this, when the chorus part of Rob Van Dam’s theme hits (One Of A Kind!) when added to the Xbox’s soundtrack, the pyros go off.

Unlock Vince McMahon

Complete 10 years in season mode.

Nude Characters

Either create a female character, or edit one of the existing ones and give them all pure black clothes (0,0,0 for all 3 options). Then have a match in any PPV arena and on the Titantron they will appear naked.

Unlimited Specials

In a Tag Team Matchup get your special. Then after you use them tag in your partner you will automatically regain your special.

Two matches at every PPV

Win the Undisputed Championship (WWE Champiionship and World Heavyweight Championship)and you will have to defend both your titles at every Pay Per View forcing you to have 2 matches.