Game: Whacked!

Platform: XBox

Whacked! Cheats

Pre-production art

Successfully complete the game then view the credits in the Theater menu. A series of pre-production art will appear after the credits end.

All Characters And FMV Sequences

Enter DOUBLEDOUBLE as a profile name in Gameshow mode.

All Characters, Food Products, Burgers, And FMV Sequences

Enter FOODFIGHT as a profile name in Gameshow mode.

All Weapons And FMV Sequences

Enter TIMEFORCHAOS as a profile name in Gameshow mode.

Uber Mode

Enter UBERHUNGARIAN as a profile name in Gameshow mode.

All Arenas, Weapons, Weapon Sets, And FMV Sequences

Enter AROUNDDAWORLD as a profile name in Gameshow mode.

Play as Lance

Successfully complete stage 1 to unlock Lance.

Play as Charity

Successfully complete stage 2 to unlock Charity.

Play as Otto

Successfully complete stage 3 to unlock Otto.

Play as Van Tastic

Successfully complete the game to unlock Van Tastic. Note: Van Tastic is only playable in battle mode.


On several levels there are items which can be used to gain an advantage over your opponents. For example, in the Christmas Tree level get the battery then go to the tank. Press Attack and wail on your opponents with some serious firepower. In Joyride, you must get the matches on top of the police car. You can now use the propane torch in the same manner. In Spacewalk, use the lever found in the main pod of the space station to fire the thrusters and send your opponents into deep space. In Club Bano and Jeffery’s Kitchen, look for a switch on the wall to start the fan or garbage disposal respectively.