Game: True Crime: Streets of L.A.

Platform: XBox

True Crime: Streets of L.A. Cheats

Unlock Bonus Movie

To unlock the bonus movie, get all three endings (poor, average, and best) by successfully passing all of the episodes, including the alternate ones. This extra movie is just for fun, and it shows Masterson and Nick doing something silly at the Gulag Club.

True Crime the Movie billboard

Somewhere in the game there is a sign that says “True Crime:Street of L.A.: The Movie, Fall 2005”.

Play as snoop dogg

Collect Thirty(30) of the Golden dog bones form around town.

Show nick’s coordinates

At the map screen press A, B, X, Y to enable the code.

Extra Car Mass

At the map screen (when in a car) press Down(3), A to enable the cheat.

All Hand to Hand Combat Upgrades

At the map screen press Up, Down, Up, Down, A to enable the code.

All Driving Upgrades

At the Map screen press Left, Right, Left, Right, A to enable code.

All weapons upgrades

At the map screen press Right, Left, Right, Left, A to enable the code.

Change Nick’s Appearance

When naming your game file (when you are making your license plate), put in the following names. Hold L and R when you enter and confirm the name.

Look like the Chief – B1G1
Look like Rosie – ROSA
Look like Rosie in lingerie – HURT_M3
Look like a cop – FUZZ
Look like a police officer – FATT
Look like a SWAT officer – SWAT
Look like a commando – M1K3
Look like a female worker – HARA
Look like a male worker – HARA
Look like a female punk – B00B
Look like a male punk – MNKY
Look like a gangster – TFAN
Look like a boxer – BRUZ
Look like a gambler – MRFU
Look like a butcher – PHAM
Look like a biker – HAWG
Look like a S&M donkey – JASS
Look like Ancient Wu’s concubine – TATS
Look like a pimp – PIMP
Look like a hobo – B00Z
Look like a corpse – J1MM

All Fighting Moves

At the map screen, type in: Up, Down, Up, Down, A.

Impound All Garage Cars

At the Map Screen, type in the following: Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, A.

Change Nick’s Car Color

When making a license plate, hold L + R and press DOWN and UP to cycle through all the colors. (The color of the horizontal bar represents the color the car will have.)

Hop the Lowrider

When using the hydraulics, lift the front of the car (using LEFT and RIGHT) and tap A, A to make the car hop.

Quick And Easy Good Cop Points

If you want to earn good cop points quickly, go to a street called Rose Ave. in Venice. All of the people walking on that street are usually either carrying drugs or guns. Simply walk up to anyone on that street and frisk them and you’ll bust them. (Rose Ave. is the street by the beach and in directly on the “N” in the title Venice on the map; you can look up the map from the start menu).