Game: Smashing Drive

Platform: XBox

Smashing Drive Cheats

Dusk And Wired shift

Successfully complete the Night Owl shift.

Night Owl shift

Successfully complete the Rush Hour shift.

Rush Hour shift

Successfully complete the Early Bird shift.

Extra Time In Arcade Mode

Every time you continue in arcade mode, you will start off with one extra second than before. You can keep on losing and continuing, earning more seconds every time.

Specific Repair

If a section of your car is damaged, for example, the front, and you have a choice between repair or crasher, choose the crasher. It repairs that part of the car and gives you the power-up.

Destroying Monster Trucks

If both you and your opponent have 4×4 wheels and a collision happens, the one with the least power-ups is demolished. However, if you both have the same amount of power-ups, the driver with the most damage loses. But if the damage meters are the same, the cab with the most speed wins. If all of this is the same, one is chosen randomly.

360 Ramp Jump

On a snowy sidewalk, powerturn immediately before a ramp, then go up it while slipping. You will slow down a bit, but the ramps speed you up once touched. If you are skilled, you can make it appear as if you are spinning in the air. This is best done in head-to-head mode, as your opponent can get the checkpoints.

Terrified King Kong

When you are doing the King Kong chase, look in between his legs. You can see his eyes and determine what he is thinking.