Game: Shenmue II

Platform: XBox

Shenmue II Cheats

Saturn Shenmue

Beat the game and let the credits run. Save your game, and now select the new ‘Classified Images’ option. This will start FMV showing Shenmue as it was under development for the Sega Saturn.

Get Reo Hazuky’s gun

This cheat will include alot of work but is well worth it. The object of this cheat is to get Reo Hazuky’s gun. To do this you have to do the following. For one you have to raize $300. Next you have to go the Blue Sky cafe. Talk to the man playing darts. After this go to work and raize $50. After go to pidgeon park and find the arm wrestling matches. Wreasel the strong man and win twice in arrow. He should now ask you if you want to wrestle him for $350. In return he will give you a gun or a choice to double your money. If done correctly this cheat should work.

Get a part time job

Ask the lucky hit stand owners for a part time job.

Money Save

At the beginning you will lose all your money and believe me it’s alot anyway go to the lighter stand by the big fountain and buy as many lighters as you can that way you can trade it in at a pawn shop and get back a good percentage of your money back.

Easy 500 bucks

Before you go to Beverly Hills Wharf,get 50 bucks.Then after you talk to cool z. Go to the crate carring job and make another 50 then after your done the guy that carrys crates with you will show you a move called brawling uppercut. Then when you learn that move go to the place where the street fighter was in Beverly Hills Dwarf .Then all you have to do is brawling uppercut like three or four times to knock him out.

Easy Money

To get money easily all you have to do is go behind warehouse #8 in the workers pier and play “lucky hit”. Pick the second stand from the left. It should be a tiger with wings.