Game: Nightcaster

Platform: XBox

Nightcaster Cheats

Light Rune location

Goto Chapter 3 and a witch and her sister will give you the rune and a spell.

Fire Rune location

Goto Chapter 4 and defeat the Beguiler and his clown to get the rune.

Water Rune

Goto Chapter 8 and reunite the lost brothers to get the rune.

Dark Rune

Goto Chapter 10 and reunite the two children with their mother to get the rune.

Health Tip

When close to a mushroom ring, save your game, quit and reload to restore health.

Super Magic

To get a type of magic that can kill anyone just get a red cape and have the strongest fire attack, then press Y, Y, B, Black, White, A, A, X. If you do this right you will hear a loud yell.