Game: NBA Live 2004

Platform: XBox

NBA Live 2004 Cheats

Unlock Jermaine Dupri

Create a player with “SOSODEF” as his last name, and message will appear saying that you’ve unlocked him.

Unlock Secret Characters

Create a player with one of the following as his last name. The character will be available in the free agent pool. (Note: Enter these last names in lowercase.)

posneghx – Mario Austin
skenxido – Malick Badiane
zxccvdri – Sani Becirovic
bbvdkcvm – Matt Bonner
sdfgurkl – Carlos Delfino
pockdlek – Andreas Glyniadakis
oeisndla – Kyle Korver
nbvksmcn – James Lang
qwpoaszx – Paccelis Morlende
whsucpoi – Aleksander Pavlovic
poilkjmn – Rick Rickert
ioubfdcj – Sofoklis Schortsanitis
xcfwqase – Tommy Smith
poioijis – Szymon Szewczyk
zxdsdrke – Nedzad Sinanovic
itnvcjsd – Remon Van de Hare
wmzkcoi – Xue Yuyang

Unlock Shoes

Enter these NBA Codes to unlock special Nike shoes (the colorway style are in parentheses):

Air Flight 89 (3)- GF9845JHR4
Air Flightposite II (2) – 2389JASE3E
Air Foamposite – OP5465UX12
Air Foamposite Pro (1) – DG56TRF446
Air Foamposite Pro (2) – 3245AFSD45
Air Foamposite Pro (3) – DSAKF38422
Air Hyperflight (3) – A0K374HF8S
Air Hyperflight (4) – JCX93LSS88
Shox BB4 – 424TREU777
Blazer – XCV6456NNL
Air Jordan III – CVJ554TJ58

Getting Great Players

While playing in dynasty mode, after the first off-season, pick up free agents that have an overall rating of 65 or over. Next, trade the players that you’ve just picked up for a great player and two horrible players (by horrible I mean having an overall rating of 30 to 40). They should accept your trade.

All Shoes

Select the “My NBA” opition, then “NBA codes”, and enter 725JKUPLMM as a code.

Get Lebron Jame’s shoes

Go to My NBA Live, and then go to Enter Codes, and then type in 23LBJNUMB1.