Game: NBA Inside Drive 2004

Platform: XBox

NBA Inside Drive 2004 Cheats

Cheat Codes

Go to options screen and select “Codes”. Enter the following codes: Note: You can disable the effect, if you repeat the code.

Effect – Code

Easy alleyoops – IMFLYING
Unlimited turbo – HOTSAUCE
Easy three pointers – RAINING3S
Small players – MOONCHY
Unlimited created player points – UNLIMITED
Accept all trades – ARELESS
Chicago Skyline stadium – DOWNTOWN
ABA ball – FUNKY
Xbox ball – XSNSPORTS
Soccer ball – DIEGO
Volleyball – BAMBIBOOM
8 ball – CHALK
Bonus players – ICECREAM

Note: You may now enter one of the bonus player’s names at the player creation screen to unlock that person.