Game: Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer

Platform: XBox

Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer Cheats

Cheat Codes

Enter the following codes into your cellphone:

Code – Result

(212) 555-1776 – Max Stats
(213) 555-5721 – Perfect Balance
(217) 555-0217 – High Jumps
(877) 555-3825 – First Person View
(818) 555-1447 – Trippy graphics
(714) 555-8092 – All beaches
(626) 555-6043 – All tricks
(328) 555-4497 – All levels
(949) 555-6799 – All surfers
(702) 555-2918 – All outfits
(619) 555-4141 – All boards
(818) 555-5555 – Unlock Rainbow
(310) 555-6217 – Unlock Freak
(888) 555-4506 – Unlock Tiki God
(323) 555-9787 – Unlock Tony Hawk
(800) 555-6292 – Unlock Travis Pastrana

Special Moves

Air Walk: Press Left(2), Carve in the air.
Alley-oop: Press Down(2), Carve in the air.
Back Flip: Press Up, Down, Carve in the air.
Blown Out: Press Up(2), Slide in the air.
Caveman: Press Down, Up, Slide.
Cheater’s five: Press Up(2), Grab.
Coffin: Press Down(2), Slide.
Cross Air: Press Up, Down, Grab in the air.
Cruiser: Press Up, Down, Grab.
Darkslide: Press Up, Down, Slide.
Front flip: Press Down, Up, Carve in the air.
Hang Ten: Press Up(2), Slide.
Helicopter: Press Right(2), Carve in the air.
Indian: Press Right, Left, Grab in the air.
JC Air: Press Left, Right, Grab in the air.
Lawndart: Press Up, Down, Slide.
Left Flip: Press Right, Left, Carve in the air.
Manual: Press Up(2), Carve.
Monkeyman: Press Down, Down, Grab in the air.
Nac Nac: Press Left, Left, Grab in the air.
Right Flip: Press Left, Right, Carve in the air.
Rodeo Clown: Press Up(2), Carve in the air.
Shove It Ollie: Press Up, Down, Carve.
Sunchild: Press Down, Up, Grab in the air.
Superman: Press Down, Up, Grab.
Tweaker: Press Right(2), Grab in the air.

900 Air

Go along a wave and get in a barrel. Speed out of it then hit the lip. Do an Indy while turning right to spin faster.