Game: Dead or Alive 3

Platform: XBox

Dead or Alive 3 Cheats

Play as Ein

1. First Beat the game with every character.
2. Take Hayate through Survival or Time Attack Mode, and place.
3. Enter your name as “Ein”.
4. You can now play him in any mode but Story.

Unlock Ein’s third costume

Complete Time Attack in under 6 minutes.

Unlock Kasumi’s third costume

In the Sparring Option, Perform all of Kasumi’s moves under the “Exercise” Option. Once the game awards you the “Complete!” award, you’ll have the costume.

Unlock Zack’s third costume

Beat 20 people in Survival Mode

Kasumi Hair Trick

When picking Kasumi, press Y for her long hair, A for her pony tail. .

Beat the game with each character to see each ending

Unlock ‘Real Ending’ with On/Off Option. Beat the game with everyone. The last character you beat it with will have the staff credits attached to the ending. Once that’s done, you can decide if you want the credits on or off the endings in the Game Settings Screen.

Watch clips

When you play as story mode after you have beaten OMEGA you can watch a small clip. At the main menu you can watch the clips of all the characters that have beaten story mode.

Alternate costumes

Several characters have alternate versions of the default costumes depending on what button you use to select them on the character screen:

Kasumi: (works with cos1-3) Select with A – ponytail, Select with X – braided ponytail, Select with Y – hair down
Hitomi: Select with X on cos1 – same as cos1, but w/out jacket
Tina: Select with X on cos1 – green shirt, leopard pants
Leon: Select with X on cos1 – no shirt w/ bandolier
Jann Lee: Select with X on cos1 – black pants, Select with X on cos2 – yellow version
Christie: Select with X on cos2 – purple version
Hayate: Select with X on cos2 – green version
Hayabusa: Select with X on cos2 – white version
Brad Wong: Select with X on cos2 – red version
Bass: Select with X on cos2 – no shirt
Bayman: Select with X on cos1 – blue hat
Lei Fang: Select with Y on cos1 – white version, Select with X on cos1 – blue version, Select cos1 while holding L – black version
Helena: Select with X on cos2 – black version
Ayane: Select with X on cos2 – white version

Costume Change for Leon

Highlight Leon’s first costume. Press X to get Leon to wear bullet shells and no shirt.

Better Tag Battle Teams

Lei Fang and Tina
Gen Fu and Lei Fang
Gen Fu and Jann Lee
Bass and Leon (three types of moves)
Bass and Bayman (four types of moves)
Bass and Jann Lee
Kasumi and Ayane
Lei Fang and Helena
Ein and Hayabusa
Gen Fu and Tina

Bayman’s new look

When you highlight the first costume for Bayman press X.

3rd Kasumi Costume

To unlock Kasumi’s 3rd costume successfully complete exercise mode in sparring mode.

Hayate & Brad’s new outfit

When you high light the second costume press X.

Secret Cinema With Christie

Beat the game with Christie, and once the credits are done, go into the “theatre” option from the main menu. You can now view a secret video clip of Christie, and it shows her butt.

Unlock Helena

While selecting Costume 2, press X for a black version of Helena’s dress.

Unlock Hayate

While selecting Costume 2, press X for a green version of Hayate’s ninja outfit.

Unlock Ayane

While selecting Costume 2, press X for a white version of Ayane’s dress.

Control victory view

Press R3 or R4 and use the Left Analog-stick or Right Analog-stick during the victory scene after a battle to change the camera angle. The Left Analog-stick pans the camera, and the Right Analog-stick zooms in and out.

Control replays

Hold A + B + X after winning a match. When the replay starts, press Y to slow it down or go back.