Game: Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver

Platform: XBox

Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver Cheats

How to unlock Level Select

Go to the Create a User screen and put in Action Star for a name.

Get Extra Cars

To get extra cars, and multiplayer levels, you must find trophies that are located in conveniently hidden places within each level.

Get Formula 1 race

To get the F1 race, you have to get a 68000 reputation.


When you are on the motor bike level on the boat decks the trophy is located behind the crates on the 3erd turn. Another is located on the sense movie called The spy who chased me when you are in the jeep and the helicopter took the 1st turn already turn the opposite way now your in a town with alot of house 1 you will see on the left has a passage go throw now you got the trophy. One trophy is located on the decks when you have the ninja looking motorcycle. When you are flying pass all the crates that are falling go throw the fence. now turn left you will see it. Another is located in the desert when you have the monster truck. When the missile launcher guy shoots the wall go threw it now go follow him. You will see a ramp go up it but don’t jump of it. turn you should see it if not try the other ramp.

All Challenges and Cars

Start a new game and enter RIDE ON as your name, this will unlock all the challenges and cars.

All Multiplayer Modes and cars

Start a new game and enter BAM4FUN as your name and all the multi player modes and cars will be unlocked.