Product Type: Cable / Adapter

Enjoy and enhance your playing experience with your Wii like never before with this Wireless Sensor Bar. It allows full remote functionality without the hassle of tangled wires connected to the console, which makes for a safer environment, and not to mention a more organized look. The infrared field created by the sensor bar allows for play up to 8 feet away, ideal for active games that require body movement. It is operated by two AA batteries (not included) and has a power saver mode that shuts down when the bar is not in use, which allows for a lengthier playing time. No installation or drivers are required for set up, just place the sensor bar in the Wiis sensor bar stand (or anywhere desired), turn on the on/off switch in the rear, and you are ready to rock and roll. Features: Easy Installation Wireless Play up to 8 feet away Powered by 2 AA batteries (not included) Compatible with Wii sensor bar stand

Cable / Adapter Wireless Sensor Bar for Wii

Wireless Sensor Bar for Wii Price: $27.85

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