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Part of an award-winning lineage of games, SWAT: Target Liberty captures the heart-pumping action of real-life close quarters combat of specialized police units. With the help of Ken Thatcher, a 29-year Los Angeles S.W.A.T. veteran enlisted as the game’s consultant, SWAT: Target Liberty for the PSP system captures the same authenticity as previous titles. Penned by script writer Scott Rosenbaum (The Shield), the SWAT: Target Liberty game action is set in York City where a special weapons and tactics team is tasked with thwarting an ever increasing number of international terrorist threats. Each officer in the unit has a specialty and using a unique skill system, the player can upgrade their individual combat expertise to increase their chances of success. The game will also feature an ad-hoc multiplayer system which allows gamers to play in a variety of game es. Tactical / Squad-Based Gameplay – The most realistic squad-based tactical combat shooter available for the PSP handheld system Randomized AI Placement – Experience unique gameplay every time you play with randomized enemy AI placement SWAT Team Development – SWAT: Target Liberty occupies a unique space in the shooter genre with its non-lethal means of completing missions without casualties and unnecessary kills to earn points and increase your team’s stats and skills in a hyper-realistic style of gameplay Multiplayer – Using the SWAT Kill-House generator, players can create random multiplayer maps of varying sizes to a experience everytime you play with your friends Brand and sealed: factory direct game to play perfectly without any problems NTSC (North American) formatted media.

Game Swat: Target Liberty

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