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Wii Games - Super Paper Mario Wii

What at first glance appears to be a 2-D sidescroller ripped straight from the pages of the Paper Mario universe soon turns into a 3-D action-adventure that defies all video game logic. Fusing 2-D and 3-D perspectives, not to mention RPG and platformer elements, the game slips back and forth between dimensions. The action sprawls across eight worlds filled with traps, puzzles, bizarre mysteries and items that often draw themselves out of thin air. Run through vibrant 2D worlds, stomping on enemies and breaking blocks With the press of a button, flip into 3D and find hidden paths, battle foes and uncover secrets hidden from 2D eyes Hold the Wii Remote sideways and control the game in classic Super Mario Bros. style Play as Peach and Bowser, both with their own sets of essential skills

Game Super Paper Mario

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