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Xbox 360 Games - Ski Doo Snowmobile Challenge Xbox 360

Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challenge is a sequel to Valcon Games first successful snowmobile product, Ski-Doo Snow X Racing and will be developed by Coldwood from Sweden with the full co-operation and support from Ski-Doo in Valcourt, Canada.Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challenge has been designed and built from the ground up for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms. Using the latest Gamebryo engine the game will deliver beautiful graphic detail and with the custom Coldwood physics system taking full advantage of the computing horsepower available, will also deliver a realistic but fun gameplay experience.The game will support multiplayer, both online and on the same console, with up to 12 players competing head to head online. As you would expect, voice and text chat are fully integrated into the game allowing players to talk before, during and after a race. The game will also allow for ranked races where no driving aids are enabled and the player must use a sled theyve upgraded. It will also be possible to experience a more casual race, where each player picks from a preset sled line up.Featuring twenty officially licensed sleds, all created using actual CAD data provided by the manufacturing, Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challenge will provide the player with an authentic experience, and deliver as much fun and excitement than riding the real thing. Each sled can be customized by the player with upgrade parts that will impact its performance, along with decals and color choices that can personalize it and make the players sled stand out in a multiplayer race.In addition to over twenty five Snow Cross race tracks and events, Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challenge will allow the player to take part in grueling hill climbs, where the challenge wont just be getting up the hill first, but actually getting up the hill itself! The player will have to explore the track, finding the best route up, and having to do this against other snowmobilers while they spray snow and debris hindering the players vision.With the comprehensive stunt system, the player will be able to perform stunts as they race and not just for style, but for a speed boost! Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challenge takes the adrenaline system of its predecessor and steps it to the next level. Successfully completed stunts will give the player an adrenaline boost, chain stunts together for an even larger adrenaline boost, and when the players adrenaline level is high enough, theyll literally be on fire and riding faster than they ever imagined. Once the player is inboost e, they will gain speed and traction allowing for better cornering, normally this boost only lasts for a few seconds, but if the player continues to gain adrenaline through completing stunts they will extend their boost time.Stunts will also be performed in the new Stunt Competition. On several specially constructed arenas, the player will have to perform stunts to achieve a top score. Points are awarded for each stunt, but with diminishing returns if you repeat the same stunt. Bonus points are awarded for chaining stunt sequences together, so getting maximum air, and then landing it safely is key. Bonus points will also be awarded for the wider the variety of stunts performed.The snow, sun and terrain allow for a variety of visual effects to be included in the game, such as bloom & HDR, self-shadowing, depth of field and motion blur will add to the visual beauty of the game. The snow itself will deform as it is driven on, forcing the player to find the best path each time around the circuit or trying to avoid the ruts laid down by a race leader.Key Features