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SingStar, the latest innovation from the creators of the award winning EyeToy? USB Camera, is a type of ‘interactive gaming experience’ suitable for a wide gaming audience, using singing as the main game mechanic! SingStar can test and judge vocal skills – it’s microphone-based and utilizes ‘sing’ technology to assess the singer’s talent by measuring pitch, tone and rhythm. In SingStar, players select their favorite songs and sing along to the original recordings while watching the original video. SingStar allows you to record your performance, play it back and even save it on your memory card. You can also add special effects to your voice. SingStar is the perfect party game featuring several game es, but the underlying premise is simple – all you have to do is pick a song and sing it as best you can into one of the two specially designed microphones, the SingStar technology will judge how good you are! Game es include competitive, multiplayer fun and single game play options: take on your friends in a Pass the Mic sing-off, dive straight in and belt out your favorite hits in Sing e, or aim for the top and embark on a solo career in Star Maker e. Brand and sealed: factory direct game to play perfectly without any problems NTSC (North American) formatted media.

Game / Controller Bundle Singstar Bundle (PS3)

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