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The Simpsons Hit and Run is a mission-based driving game featuring out-of-the-car platform action, the interactive world of Springfield,and the signature humor of the Simpsons. To create the most authentic Simpsons game yet, dialogue and story were crafted by writers from The Simpsons television show and all character voices are supplied by the actual cast. In the roles of Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, and Apu, players explore seven large levels by car or on foot and compete in more than 56 missions. In addition to the GTA-style driving action, Simpsons fans will also find tons of hidden pick-ups containing trivia material from the show’s 300-plus episodes. This Game Brand and sealed: comes straight from the factory Twist, turn and drive your way through a fully interactive Springfield Avoid the cops and zillions of road hazards as you race over 50 mayhem-filled missions Uses actual voiceovers by Simpsons characters Tons of unlockable content and mini-games.

Game Simpsons Hit & Run

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