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Console Controllers - PS2 Resident Evil Chainsaw Controller

This Playstation 2 controller was designed with the true hardcore Resident Evil fan and collector in mind – each Limited Edition Chainsaw is a one of a kind masterpiece. Complete with a unique blood splattered design exclusive to each chainsaw made and a serialized production number. You are holding in your hands a piece of gaming history that will never duplicated. After you are done ridding the world of horrid creatures and monsters, you can display your Chainsaw controller in all its glory on the masterfully designed display stand. Truly a monument of well crafted perfection. Rip cord unleashes blood curdling chain saw roar and turns controller on Rumble feature adds realistic chainsaw feel integrated N-motion technology allows players to make Leon raise and lower his weapon in Resident Evil 4 simply by raising and lowering the controller itself! Detachable connection cable can be stored in the stand Unique display case packaging

Controller PS2 Resident Evil Chainsaw Controller

PS2 Resident Evil Chainsaw Controller Price: $59.85

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