Game: Unreal Tournament

Platform: PC

Unreal Tournament Cheats

More Codes

The following codes are for SINGLE PLAYER ONLY. Press ` to bring down the console, then type:

iamtheoneActivate Cheat Mode
godGod Mode
loadedAll Weapons
allammoAll Ammo
ghostWalk Through Walls
flyFly Mode
walkWalk Mode
killall [class]Kills All Enemies of a Certain [class]
playersonlyFreezes Time, Type Again to UnFreeze
behindview 1View Character from Behind
behindview 0Normal View
open [mapname]Jump to Any Map
summon [item]Summon Item (see list below)

SUMMON Items: WarHeadLauncher Enforcer DoubleEnforcer Minigun2 PulseGun ShockRifle SniperRifle UT_BioRifle UT_Eightball UT_FlackCannon Chainsaw

Get Boss Skin

Use a text editor to edit the “user.ini” file in the game directory. Add the following lines:


Easy Tips

Here are two tips for making your game easier:

1. In a team game (DOM, CTF or AS), use spectator mode to set orders. You can even fly around the map and order them to “Hold This Position”!

2. In a Domination game, use the “playersonly” cheat to freeze time, then capture all the bases, then turn the “playersonly” cheat off. This ensures a good few points for your team.

Map Strategies

Here are some strategies for some of the Tournament levels:

DM-Stalwart – In the garage with the Pulse Gun (NOT the Flak Cannon), a solitary crate by the windows can be opened. A Big Keg o’ Health is inside.

DM-Fractal – In the centre of the arena, on the trapdoor is a Shield Belt. Always camp near this and don’t let Luthienne anywhere near it.

DOM-Condemned – On the rooftop, to the left of the Garage Point is a broken window. Inside is another Big Keg o’ Health.

CTF-Niven – Under the large ramps in the area with the big gears, you can find both kinds of armour.

CTF-Face (Facing Worlds) – Search the teleporters for two Sniper Rifles and a Redeemer.

AS-Frigate – Get your bots to attack the base, then dive into the water. Swim under the Frigate and in via the lower room with the Flak Cannon.

Continous Fire (any gun)

Pick a gun, any gun except the impact hammer. I.E.Double Enforcer. Push the trigger and then Esc. Once you have done that release the trigger then press Esc again now you should be able to shoot without pressing the trigger. And it wont stop untill you press the trigger again or run out of ammo!

Kill all opponents and your team (except yourself)

Start a game ( best in capture the flag and domination, in others it won’t work ) bring down the cheat console ( press ~ ) then type ‘iamtheone,then type killpawns. This kills all opponents.