Game: Total Annihilation

Platform: PC

Total Annihilation Cheats


If you are playing the game and press Enter, then type the following codes

ATM – Gives 1000 metal and energy
radar – Gives radar for the whole map
doubleshot – Doubles the damage of the enemy
nowisee – Shows everything and eliminates LOS ( Line Of Sight )
iwin – You won
ilose – You lose
no metal – All the metal disappears
no energy – All energy disappears
kill – All units die
clock – Shows the gameclock
sing – Units sing for you
los – Line Of Sight
shadow – Changes the place of the shadow

Level select

Click on the Single Player icon. When the Single Player game menu pops up, type in DRDEATH. After your done, a Cavedog Entertainment bone will pop up in between the Load Game and Previous Menu buttons. If you click on the button, you can pick any level and go to it, even if you haven’t beat the game that far yet!

Ten player skirmish

Type “[Asterisk]X” at the opponent/ally selection screen. To specify another number of players substitute “X” with a roman numeral from 3 to 10. For example, “[Asterisk]III” will result in a three player skirmish.

3d sound

Press +sound3d
*Must hit “+” for code to work*


Press +assert, the resolution is unkown.

*Must hit “+” for code to work*

View opponent’s energy, metal

Press “+view [0-3]”

*Must hit “+” for code to work*

10 players

To get 10 players in Single Player, do asteris (*) and type ten in roman numerals.


There is a way to nuke the other team. All you have to do is get something that can transport your commander to your teams base. let him out and make it so that he gets into the middle of your teams base. then when they start firing at him and he dies then it will destroy alot of them! [NOTE- THE GAME MUST BE SET ON ‘COMMANDER LIVES’ OR ELSE IT WONT WORK.]

Spread Out

When you are playing it is important to spread out and dominate the ground. If you stay in one place then they can kill you with just a few bombs. Also make sure to have a good defense system.