Game: Toca 2

Platform: PC

Toca 2 Cheats

All cars

Enter CARTASTIC as your name to get all the support cars.

All tracks

Enter DOUBLE as your name to get all tracks.

High speed, Crashes, High-Jump…

Enter the following codes as your player name. A voice will tell you it’s enabled. Re-enter to disable. All cheats remain active until you restart the game.

SKATES: high speed and better trajectories
MOVIE: spectacular crashes
RUBBER: makes the cars rebound on impacts
REPEL: try it

More codes

Type in TOPDOWN as your name.

You’ll hear Tiff say “Cheat Mode Enabled” and you’ll have a GTA type view available to you.

You can also try these as names:

HANGOVER – Makes Things go a Little Hazy.
REPEL – Unknown Effect.
OUCH – Battle Mode
HIGHJUMP – Low Gravity
HANGOVER – Blurred Horizon
SKINNY – Wheels Only View
GIRDLE – Higher Decors and Walls, Side of Road Higher, Narrower Roads and Shortcomings Amplified
TIMEOUT – Full Championship Distances