Game: Lego Island

Platform: PC

Lego Island Cheats

5 bonus levels

Beat all levels with everyone and you’ll see 5 B’s on the infomaninac’s map.

Debug Mode

During gameplay type in OGELISLAND, you should see a picture of nick in funny colors scuba-diving. If after a couple of seconds he does not go away then press N. The commands are as follows: N toggels wierdness, P toggels plants, 1 through 0 will either show the winning or losing screen from the chase of the Brickster, U makes you go up and D makes you go down. There might be more so feel free to explore!

Flying Lego

In the beginning building (the I building), enter the elevator and wait for a minute on one of the floors. After the minute is up use the arrow keys to fly around.


Go to the coast of the island, then press [Keypad Plus] + [Keypad Minus] while walking forward to the edge. Continue walking when you get to the edge while pressing those keys until you walk off the island and hover in the air. You can also walk through the sides of the island while hovering.

Cave clues

Go to the third floor of the Information Center by using the elevator. Select the arrow on the right and open the center drawer on the desk.

Dancing trees and flowers

While playing a game, press Z + T.

Listen to radio during credits

While playing a game, press [Esc]. Turn on the radio and click on the red brick when prompted to exit.

Change songs

Click in the gap in front of the Pizasony shop. Select the radio to change songs.

Change colors and hats

While playing as Nick, click on objects like arms, trees, flowers, heads, legs, and leg braces to change their colors. You can also change hats to different objects, such as flowers and cats while playing as Pepper.

Change moods and health

While playing as Laura, click on the other character’s to change their moods. You can change other character’s health while playing as Mama.

Go through walls

While playing as Pepper, walk up to any wall and press [Keypad Plus] + [Keypad Minus] while walking into the wall. Note: This may require several attempts.

Computer Driven Car

When you get into your game, build a vehicle or get on a bike. Then drive the vehicle at full speed and at the same time, click on the hand of your character to get off. If it is done correctly, your vehicle will drive around by itself. This probably won’t work on a skateboard, but it has not been tested.