Game: Flintstones: Bedrock Bowling, The

Platform: PC

Flintstones: Bedrock Bowling, The Cheats

Difficulty settings

In two player mode the difficult settings of each player can be set individually (easy, medium, or hard). However, if each player selects a different difficulty setting, the game will be scored at the lowest difficulty level. For example, if one player is playing under the easy difficulty setting and the other player is playing under the medium difficulty setting, both players will be play at those settings, but the game will be scored under the easy difficulty setting. The easy difficulty setting is the default level. At this setting, invisible bumpers will keep your ball in the lanes, and pins and collectibles are easy to collect. You will also have lots of time to complete the Bonus Pool and Buffalo Lodge lanes. Under the medium difficulty setting, invisible bumpers are at most, but not all difficult locations, pins and collectibles are harder to collect, and you will have less times to complete the bonus lanes. Under the hard difficult setting, there are almost no bumpers, getting pins and collectibles are difficult to collect, and there is only a small amount of time in the bonus lanes.

Gazoo bonus lane

Collect all the Dodo Birds in the entire game to unlock Gazoo’s lane.