Game: Europa Universalis 2

Platform: PC

Europa Universalis 2 Cheats

Cheat Codes

During gameplay, press F12 for the cheat window, type any of the following “Codes”, then press Ctrl + F12 to exit cheat window

Cheat Code – Effect

dagama – 6 Traders
ney – Game Doesn’t Pause When Event Occurs
gustavus – +100 Ducats to Land Tech Investment
drake – +100 Ducats to Naval Tech Investment
cromwell – +100 Ducats to Infra Tech Investment
polo – +100 Ducats to Trade Tech Investment
cortez – Toggle Natives
alba – Toggle Revolts
tilly – Toggle AI Declaring War
tordesillas – Toggle Effects of Treaty of Tordesillas
luther – Toggle Effects of Reformation
calvin – Toggle Effects of John Calvin
pocahontas – 6 Colonists
vatican – 6 Diplomats
montezuma – +50000 Ducats
swift – +10000 Population to Capital
oranje – Sets Stability to +3
russianhordes – No Manpower Limits
difrules – Never Lose a Battle
columbus – Reveal Map
pappenheim – Toggles Fog of War
richelieu – Control All Military Units
wallenstein – Review Status of All Provinces
robespierre – Change Domestic Policy Freely
trent – Toggle Effect of Council of Trent
event #### – Trigger Event 1000-1076

Edit the .eug file

You can edit the xxx.eug file (xxx denotes filename) found in the saves directory using the wordpad application.
Scroll thru the lines until you come up to your nation/side. Pay attention to { and } symbols when doing this edit.


treasury: edit money (limit is approx 2 billion)

city: edit city name, population (max = 999999.000), infrastructure. City must at least have level 1 wall. Fully developed city has following lines:

city = “name”
population = 999999.000
location = xxx (xxx = number)
courthouse = yes
bailiff = yes
cityrights = yes
fortress = {…level = 6}

land unit: edit name and number of infantry/cavalry/artillery each land unit has. Watch out for artillery, not too many. I prefer the following combination 30000/5000/150 (weight=50).

nav unit: same as land unit except this one is for naval

technology: edit all tech level. Set 51 for military techs and 10 for rest.

diplomats, colonists, merchants, missionary: edit number of these guys (max=6)

You can also do this dirty trick:
Set up a level 1 trading post at a neighboring state and save the game once the attempt is successful. Edit level 1 to level 6 in the following line: trading post = { “name” level = 1 location = xxx}. A level 6 trading post won’t give you any rebellion problems once transformed into a colony.

Changing this line to: city = (“name” population = 999999.000 location = xxx} will automatically transform the trading post to a fully populated colony. Warning: could inspire revolt if religion is different from yours and you do not tolerate that religion at all.