Game: Cannon Fodder

Platform: PC

Cannon Fodder Cheats

Save Game Hex Editing

00 00-47 Current Mission
0C 00-23 Show mission brefings
48 00-FF Kills by leader
4C 00-0E Rank of leader (00=private, 0E=general)
58 00-0E Rank 2nd
64 00-0E Rank 3rd
70 00-0E Rank 4th
7C 00-0E Rank 5th
12 00-FF Number of recruits
6F2 00-FF Number of kills

Skip Levels

Go to map screen and hold down control and type Fodder. A white border will appear around the screen. Exit map and return to game. When you press enter, a message will say ‘Phase Conmplete’ signifying the end of that level.