Game: Battle Realms

Platform: PC

Battle Realms Cheats

Destroy Buildings

Once you see the enemy base (without the fog of war covering it), select the enemy building that you want to destroy. After highlighting it, press [CTRL]+[D] and keep pressing it until you see the building destroyed.

Easy Yin gain for the Lotus Clan

In this clan, you must have Brother Lythis. Press F on the keyboard to force an attack. Click in the tree.

Unlimited Brothers

For the Lotus Clan:

1. As soon as possible, build the Crypt of Brothers.
2. Train all 3 Brothers (you can use the Yin Farming to make it easier).
3. Build 3 Watchtowers.
4. Put the 3 Brothers on the 3 Watchtowers.
5. Destroy your Crypt of Brothers (CTRL+D x2).
6. Rebuild your Crypt of Brothers.
7. Build the 3 Brothers again.
8. Remove the old 3 Brothers from the Watchtowers.
9. Put the new Brothers on the towers.
10. Repeat.

The brothers only use Yin, Rice, and Water. If you destroy your Crypt of Brothers while the 3 Brothers are on foot, they will die with it. That is why if they are one the towers, they don’t die. This also makes the computer think they are dead so it allows you to train new ones.

Easy yin gain for Lotus and Serpent clan

For Lotus:

1. Build the Crypt of Brothers
2. Summon Brother Lythis
3. Select him and press F on your keyboard
4. Attack him to the edge of the water or tree
5. Summon Brother Tausil to help Lythis (just do the same steps.)

For Serpent:

1. Train Ronin/s into a Metal shop and they’ll learn Yin Blade
2. Select him and press F on your keyboard
3. Attack him to the edge of the water or tree
4. Select his battle gear by clicking on it or by pressing B
5. If his stamina drained up, simply stop him and if he recovered his stamina, do it again !

Note: Make sure the Ronin/s are attacking before activating the Yin Blade Battle Gear !