Game: Arkanoid

Platform: PC

Arkanoid Cheats


Start the game as usual, and while playing the game, you can access the cheat mode by doing the following. Pause the game with the Space Bar. Now type ‘DSIMAGIC’ (do not hit return) and press Space to unpause the game. A yellow capsule, ‘DS’ will fall. Catch it. Now the following keys will make the following capsules fall at any time.

[B] – Break (Opens gates and awards bonus points)
[C] – Catch (Holds ball)
[D] – Disruption (Split into 3 balls)
[E] – Expand (Makes vaus larger)
[L] – Laser (Gives you a laser used with mouse button)
[P] – Extra Player (Self Explanatory)
[S] – Slow (Slows down ball)

In addition, pressing ‘F’ will send you to the last level to fight DOH. Be sure to give yourself lots of lives first. You can skip any level by using ENTER on the keypad.