Game: Super Mario 64 DS

Platform: Nintendo DS

Super Mario 64 DS Cheats

Different speeds in Tick Tock Clock

Jump in the clock on 3 and it will be slow. Jump in the clock on 6 and it will be medium speed. Jump in on 9, and it will be fast.

Easy health replenish

If you are low on health, just find a body of water and jump in. Stay at the surface and your health meter will refill.

Instant Water Rise in Wet Dry World

To vary the water level in Wet Dry World, jump in the painting for the level at a certain height on the picture to make the water start on a low, medium, or high height equal to how high you jumped in.

Mini Games

MiniGame – Code

Bounce and Pounce – Have when you start
Bounce and Trounce – Catch 4 Rabbits
Connect the Characters – Catch 5 Rabbits
Mario’s Slides – Have when you start
Shell Smash – Catch 6 Rabbits
Shuffle Shell – Catch 3 Rabbits
Sort or ‘Splode – Catch 1 Rabbit
Trampoline Terror – Catch 7 Rabbits
Trampoline Time – Catch 2 Rabbits

Get Luigi Key

Beat King Boo in Luigi’s Painting on the 3rd Floor of Big Boo’s Haunt.

Get Mario Key

Beat Goomboss behind 8-Star Door in the Rec-Room.

Get Wario Key

With Luigi in Mirror Room, hop into Wario’s Painting and Defeat the Giant Ice Bully.

More Mini Games

MiniGame – Code

Bingo Ball – Catch 2 Rabbits
Bob-omb Squad – Have when you start
Coincentration – Catch 1 Rabbit
Giant Snowball Slalom – Catch 7 Rabbits
Intense Coincentration – Catch 6 Rabbits
Lakitu Launch – Catch 5 Rabbits
Psyche Out! – Catch 3 Rabbits
Slots Shot – Catch 4 Rabbits
Snowball Slalom – Have when you start

MiniGame of Yoshi

MiniGame – Code

Boom Box – Catch 3 Rabbits
Which Wiggler? – Catch 5 Rabbits
Hide and Boo Seek – Catch 1 Rabbit
Puzzle Panel – Catch 2 Rabbits
Tox Box Shuffle – Catch 4 Rabbits

Play with the characters faces

On the screen that lets you choose either rec room or Adventure touch the stylus on the characters faces and it will become black and white. You can pull on their faces to move it around.

Secret Slide

Go into the room that you switch charicters in and immediately turn right. Jump into Peach’s stained glass window. You get one star for completing the slide. You get a second star for finishing the slide in under 21 seconds. To do this jump off the edge on the left; right before the first steep drop. With some practice you will land on the slide below.