Game: NBA Live ’99

Platform: Nintendo 64

NBA Live ’99 Cheats

Bonus teams

Enter the “Rosters” screen and select the “Create Custom Team” option. Enter one of the following locations and team names to activate the corresponding team that consists of members of the development staff.

Location Team name
EA Europals
Hitmen Coders
Hitmen Earplugs
Hitmen Idlers
Hitmen Pixels
Hitmen Rebounds

Hint: Flip the ball during a free throw

Press R when your player is at the free throw line to flip the ball.

Hint: Granny throw

Hold C-Left while shooting a free throw for a granny throw.

Extra points

Press Start to pause the game and press Right, L1, L2, Left, R2. The home team will have 100 points when you unpause.