Game: Fighting Force 64

Platform: Nintendo 64

Fighting Force 64 Cheats

Hold more ammo

At the character screen, press C-Down, C-Up, L, C-Right, C-Down, and then press R.

Cheat mode

On the title screen hold L, Z, C-Up, and C-Down. The game will automaticly go to the character selection screen. Use C-Up and C-Down to choose a level to jump to. You are automaticly 99% invulnerable.

Easy Bars

To get easy bars in the first level, you must be in the elevator. You can pull the bars off the side of it by going to it and pressing the A button. This Cheat/Hint submitted by ztruk66 on Thursday, June 3, 1999 at 17:03:46

Easier Bars

To get a weapon in car park (1.1) there should be 3 bars on each side of the level when you get into the part where the van comes in go over to the bars and press A and they will grab the bar and now you have a weapon!!!

Select Level

At the title screen hold L + Z + C-Up + C-Down. Now select a level by pressing C-Up or C-Down. This code also gives 99% invunerability. You still get hurt by explosions and your special move. It also gives Rocket launchers 30 amunition and Flare guns 10 amunition.

How To Beat EXO

YOU get behind one of the blue bench’s and wait till he gets stuck , and chunk luggage at him.

Instant Rocket Launcher

To get the Rocket Launcher in the first level you have to go to the nearest police car which is close to where you start. When you are there kick or punch the car until the it breaks. You will see the trunk of the car open and out comes the Rocket Launcher.


After you destroy most cars the hood opens, if you are Smasher, you can pick up the engine and use it for a weapon.

Play as any boss

At the main menu press C-Up, C-Left, A, Left, B

Bazooka Cheat

Press R, R, R, B, C-Down, Z, C-Left, L, to get the bazooka in every level.