Game: Mega Man 3

Platform: NES

Mega Man 3 Cheats

Super jump freeze and invincability

As you may know Mega Man 3 is a 1 player game, but
you can use the second players controler and hold right to jump realy high, another bonus to this is that if you hold right and go down a hole while you have an enemy on your screen you will appear to lose all life but jump out anyway and you will be invincible.THE DRAWBACK you are not invincible to spikes and you lose the advantage if you pick up any life. You can also stop most enimies in place by holding R, U, A on the second players controller.

Spike Guard

There is a way to survive touching spikes. If MegaMan gets hit by an enemy, he’ll flash for a while. While flashing, nothing can hurt him, including spikes.

Defeating Evil MegaMan

Evil MegaMan is the third boss in Dr. Wiley’s fortress. Use Needle Man’s weapon to win easily. There are 3 MegaMan clones shown, but only one is the one that can take damage.

Defeating Glue Guy

Glue Guy is the second boss in Dr. Wiley’s fortress. Use Hard Hand for a quick win. Note: you need to aim for the eye when it’s open to harm Glue Guy.

Easier Round 2 Bosses

Like the first round, the second round bosses are weak to a certain weapon.

Air Man : Magnet Missile
Heat Man : Top Spin
Wood Man : Search Snake
Quick Man : Gemini Lazer
Metal Man : Magnet Missile
Flash Man : Gemini Lazer
Crash Man : Hard Hand
Bubble Man : Spark Shot

Easier Boss Fights

Each boss in the game is vulnerable to a certain weapon. Here’s a list:

Gemini Man : Search Snake
Needle Man : Gemini Lazer
Top Man : Hard Hand
Shadow Man : Top Spin
Magnet Man : Shadow Blade
Hard Man : Magent Missile
Spark Man : Shadow Blade
Snake Man : Needle Cannon

Easier Start

For an easier way to begin the game, enter A6 : Red as a password. This will give you 9 energy tanks, but none of the bosses have been beaten.

Defeating the Real Dr. Wiley

You will actually fight two Dr. Wiley’s; The first one is a robot Dr. Wiley piloting a large crab-like robot. The second Dr. Wiley is the one this hint is concerned with.

First, you’ll see a large robot body filling up the background. A blue robot head should rest on top. Fire Shadow Blade straight up to quickly defeat the robot head. Dr. Wiley should appear.

When the robot attempts to punch MegaMan, jump on to the hand. Then, jump to the small nearby platform. Jump off of the platform directly at Dr. Wiley and use Top Spin right at contact. A direct hit and the game is over — you win!