Game: Adventure Island

Platform: NES

Adventure Island Cheats


Just to the left of the Goal (G) sign in stage 1-1, jump up and down to find the hidden egg. Step on the egg to pick up the Hudson’s Bee. Once you have found the Bee, you can continue after losing your last life. To do this, hold any direction on the Control Pad and press Start when the game returns to the Title screen.

Select an Island

Allow the game to reach the title screen, then reset the NES console. Then, when the title screen appears again, press:
Right, Left, Right, Left, A, B, A, B.

Playing tips

View next Boss: Kill the first Boss and pause game play as he leaves the screen. 1000 point bonus: Locate the red flower in level 1-4. Shoot the coyote that attacks from behind twice while jumping to display a power-up in the form of a Nintendo controller. Get the controller to collect 1000 points.