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NCAA March Madness 08 captures the intensity and atmosphere found in authentic college basketball arenas and your players will rise to the occasion or wilt under the pressure. The crowd atmosphere impacts the composure ratings of the players on the floor — seniors and freshmen will handle the pressure differentlyenabling you to fill up your Intensity Control Meter and change the momentum of the game. NCAA March Madness 08 has added a plethora of rich details that brings the college game to life, including authentic arenas, player els with form-fitting uniforms, breakaway basketball hoop rims, and the ability of players to slap the backboard on layups. The game also features custom playbooks for each team through the Floor General Playcalling system, the EA SPORTS Lockdown Stick that enables your players to pressure the ball, force turnovers and harass opponents on the court, a deeper Dynasty e that lets you build your school into a national powerhouse, the Pre and Post season NIT and the McDonalds High School All American game and an online feature set that includes customized leagues and ESPN on Demand. Brand and sealed: factory direct game to play perfectly without any problems NTSC (North American) formatted media.

Game NCAA March Madness 08

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