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From the award-winning developer Zipper Interactive comes the next evolution in gaming, MAG. MAG is a shooter of unprecedented action, where you will experience battles upwards of 256 real players across a global battlefield. Prepare yourself, a massive new war is coming…In the near future, governments are supposedly at peace. A shadow war, fought by private military corporations, emerges. You are dropped into this unprecedented war the first to have battles of 256 real players on a global battlefield. Prove yourself alongside your 8-man squad and become an elite fighter or earn the right to lead a squad, platoon or ultimately an entire army of players. Your calling a waits. Massive Action For the first time ever, fight 256 real players online.Command Structure Think leadership is in your blood? Use your advanced skills to become a squad, platoon or even army commander.Persistent world Missions and campaigns appear around the world as the missions ebb and flow. Choose an army Three distinct PMCs to choose from, each with their own history, personality and style. Customization Customize your character and pursue a wide variety of combat specialties from elite fighter to a general of an army.Features: Brand new and sealed: factory direct gameGuaranteed to play perfectly without any problems NTSC (North American) formatted media. Rent This Game before Buying Get Cheats and Walkthroughs for this Game%%ExtraField6%% END Extra Field 6–>

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