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Product Description:Now you can learn how to do Pilates or keep up with your training wherever you go! Part of Konamis family of fitness-oriented games which include Lets Yoga, Lets Pilates is the first Pilates instructional software available for the Nintendo DS, and its a treasure-trove of knowledge whether youve been doing Pilates for five years or five minutes. Best of all, with Lets Pilates, you can train anywhere, anytime, without needing to be in class or in front of a television.Key Features Brand and sealed: factory direct game to play perfectly without any problems NTSC (North American) formatted media.:Learn how to perform over 40 Pilates exercises through informative animations, detailed instructions and quizzes.Manage your progress using the engaging, fun, and interactive calendar and scheduling features.Customize your experience with your choice of three different instructors, up to 100 unique outfits, seven colorful environment backgrounds, and five mat options.With exercises that can be done anywhereeven while sitting at your deskthis is perfect for the working professional or the student on the go.

Game Lets Pilates

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