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If you are a fan of Initial D, like the arcade version, or just love a good racing/drifting game, then look no further. The PSP version is exactly like the original, in the palm of your hand. Initial D: Street Stage is the long awaited port of the arcade smash hit, Initial D: Version 3. Street Stage brings all of the game es straight out of the arcade into your PSP. Players can race head to head via wireless Ad-hoc or take on the racers straight out of the anime! Street Stage introduces a card system for customization of their vehicle. For every race/battle you win, a card is awarded. Different cards provide different effects, so the more you race, the more powerful your car can be! Street Stage features over 200 cards to collect. Brand + sealed: comes straight from the factory Initial D: Street Stage includes a card element that further enhance the gameplay Use the wireless ad-hoc e to challege other players Game is compatible with any versions of the PlayStation Portable console. This is an import game, so the instructions are in Japanese, but english translations can be found online.

Game Initial D: Street Stage

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