Quilt covers means it is the cover of the quilt which can be removed and washed whenever you wish. If you want to buy a quilt covers in Australia, this place is best as it offers the best quilt  covers with many options for selection, they come in different colours , patterns, models , fittings etc…

How to Choose

Choosing the correct size for your bed is important , there are two types: single quilt covers give you a single pillow cover only where double quilt covers come with two pillow covers. Quilt covers are available in different materials like cotton with different thread counts, premium silk, linen etc.. and cost differs from each other. There are thicker quilts which are used in winters because they can be used as good heat insulators and even there are thin quilts which are used for summers and simply for covering. For people who are allergic it is better to use cotton or any other breathable quilt cloth or natural fibres cloth like bamboo. There are types like microfiber which may be allergic to many so avoiding microfiber would be better for them There are different patterns available with various types of designs: basic designs , floral patterns and many more and those will be matching without your interior wall decoration and your wall paints etc…  If you want to buy quilt covers in Australia this is the best place and very comfy type quilts are available here and even very simple and giving an elegant look too.

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Fabrics thread count consideration

The fabric softness depends on the thread count, if more thread count is there it means more number of threads are present both vertically and horizontally per square which in turn means the cloth is softer so always mostly people select the cotton bed sheets or any other with more thread count comparatively to that of less thread count cloth but one thing which is to be remembered is if the quilt has more thread it will be suffocating for the person using it and heat will stay there itself making one to feel more hot  and air doesn’t flow freely and usual so always prefer less thread count quilt so that air passage is good in it and it enables people to use quilt more comfortably.

How to wash quilts

BeaWashing quilts is easy no need to worry and even after washing it won’t get spoiled and some instructions are given regarding the washing techniques most of the quilts can be washed in the washing machine at certain temperatures only and even can be dried. Now a days few designs for quilts like fringes etc..but the problem is while washing it washing them the designs may wear off and make the quilt look ugly. Some cotton or any material may have shrinkage after first wash but even now some quilts are introduced to prevent shrinkage that is pre washed type of quilts or bedsheets and pillow covers everything etc..