Pets are loving animals which know to show the love on human, but you need to train them on the basic activities like peeing and pooping at the outdoor. The dog pee is smellier and it will have bacteria, concentrated ammonia, hormones, and uric acid. With the high ammonia concentration, it creates a unique pungent smell. Most commonly, dogs will urinate on the carpet, which is more challenging for the owners to clean. They cannot even put the carpet in the washing machines.

So, to remove them and to clean them, you can buy the dog urine carpet cleaner. First, you need to clean the pee stains quickly and dry them with a wet towel or paper towels to reduce the smell, and then apply the cleaners.These cleaners are available in online stores or even in local pet stores.

dog urine carpet cleaner

    • Since the urine content has a high ammonia content, don’t buy the cleaner which has ammonia. It will make the smell even worse.
    • The cleaner should be the best and should contain any hazardous components, harsh detergent, artificial color, mineral oil, synthetic perfumes, heavy metal, animal derivatives, silicone, or bleach products.
    • You have a lot of air fresheners, stain removers, and deodorizers available in the market to remove the stains of pet urine from the carpet.
  • Select the one which contains the plant-based formula and gives a long-lasting result. Pick the cleaners, which comprise only the pet-safe ingredients.
  • The cleaner should be refillable and recyclable with superior strength.
  • Before applying the store-bought clear, don’t shake or rinse it as it may create issues to the wood floors or the furniture. Hence read out the instruction or direction to use.
  • The carpet shampooer is also an efficient and best solution to remove the urine spot and deodorize it. But avoid the shampoo or clean, which requires the application of heat, as it may cause the smell to stay in the carpet permanently.

You can also prefer the do-it-yourself using water, vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. Mix all these ingredients well in the spray and apply it on pee stains and rub it. Once the applied spot gets dried completely, then vacuum the area to clear out the remaining smell. But it works well once for the recent pee stains. This solution is non-toxic, and is much safe for the pet and also for the carpet. If you want to maintain a healthy atmosphere for your pet and family, hire eco-friendly professional cleaners twice a year to provide an effective carpet cleaning service. It will be safer and saves a lot of effort for you.

Last but not the least, consult with your veterinarian doctors when your lovely puppy is taking a long-time to learn potty training. Discuss with them the pet’s behavior changes and accidents to analyze well and get health treatment.