Finding good tenants for your property can be a challenge for a homeowner. Finding a good tenant for your home is definitely not an easy task, especially if you primarily reside outside the country. Hire a real estate manager to take care of your property and find a tenant. Finding a professional residential and commercial property management company that provides reliable protection for your investment is critical.

Here are the agency’s characteristics and services:

Find a tenant:

Finding the right tenant for NRI Real Estate in India is the responsibility of the property manager. The company reaches out to local renters looking to rent a home. Advertisements are also placed on online reality portals and in paper advertisements. Being a local will help you better understand the market.

commercial property management company


In addition to домоуправител, many companies also provide maintenance services. Most of the popular services are very helpful for NRIs who own real estate in India and want to help their parents take care of their property. The most popular part of real estate maintenance services is property rental. The property management services offered by the company allow its clients to easily own their property by finding suitable tenants. They even provide them in an assortment of payments and carry out various procedures.


The best type of advertising provides the best market for your property, so please confirm what reasonable advertising the company is offering, they are tracking ads, etc., which agency they are renting and what are the rates for these ads if they are included in the company charges, otherwise you must pay perfectly.

Services provided by:

They must provide constant access to residents for repair and maintenance:

  • Construction Problem Management
  • Send proposal to owner for approval
  • Photos of the object before and after the end of work
  • 24/7 technical service and professional service.
  • Unrivaled property and management care
  • Rent control and collection of tenant’s checks
  • Paid all taxes on behalf of the owner
  • Pass the lease renewal reminder to the landlord and tenant
  • Deal with rent issues – prepayments, rent increases, TDS retention, etc.

With so much competition for services, you need to be the best to attract, retain and retain your customers.